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Combined JWT Resource and Authority Tutorial

For smaller applications, the JWT Resource (application) server and JWT Authority server may be combined.

This tutorial demonstrates combining them.

Tutorial Source

WoOF configuration

The configuration contains both the JWT Resource and JWT Authority. It is joined by the CombinedServerRetrieveValidateKeysSectionSource that handles the JWT keys being loaded from the JwtAuthority.

JwtHttpServer screen shot.

As the JWT Authority can be clustered, it allows the application to also be clustered.


The following shows the ease of using the application:

	public MockWoofServerExtension server = new MockWoofServerExtension();

	private String refreshToken;

	public void loginAndAccessSecureResource() throws Exception {

		// Not able to access resource without access token
		MockWoofResponse response = this.server.send(MockHttpServer.mockRequest("/resource").secure(true));
		assertEquals(401, response.getStatus().getStatusCode(), "Requires authentication to access resource");

		// Undertake login
		Credentials credentials = new Credentials("daniel", "daniel");
		response = this.server
				.send(MockWoofServer.mockJsonRequest(HttpMethod.POST, "/login", credentials).secure(true));
		assertEquals(200, response.getStatus().getStatusCode(), "Should be successful");

		// Extract the access token
		Token accessToken = response.getJson(200, Token.class);
		assertNotNull(accessToken.getToken(), "Should have access token");

		// Obtain the refresh token for further tests
		this.refreshToken = response.getCookie(JwtTokens.REFRESH_TOKEN_COOKIE_NAME).getValue();

		// Access the secured resource
		response = this.server.send(MockHttpServer.mockRequest("/resource").secure(true).header("authorization",
				"Bearer " + accessToken.getToken()));
		response.assertResponse(200, "Hello JWT secured World");

	public void refreshAccessTokenToAccessSecureResource() throws Exception {

		// Undertake login and access with original access token

		// Obtain new access token
		MockWoofResponse response = this.server.send(MockHttpServer.mockRequest("/refresh").secure(true)
				.method(HttpMethod.POST).cookie(JwtTokens.REFRESH_TOKEN_COOKIE_NAME, this.refreshToken));
		Token token = response.getJson(200, Token.class);
		assertNotNull("Should have access token", token.getToken());

		// Access the secured resource with refreshed access token
		response = this.server.send(MockHttpServer.mockRequest("/resource").secure(true).header("authorization",
				"Bearer " + token.getToken()));
		response.assertResponse(200, "Hello JWT secured World");


The next tutorial covers documenting via OpenAPI / Swagger.