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About Web

Web functionality for OfficeFloor

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
JSON default for Web OfficeFloor plug-in for Default JSON integration with Web
JSON Jackson Plug-in for Web OfficeFloor plug-in for Jackson JSON integration with Web
JWT Security OfficeFloor JWT Security
JWT Authority OfficeFloor JWT Authority
Web Plug-in OfficeFloor plug-in for Web
Web configuration Configuration for WoOF (Web on OfficeFloor)
Web Executive OfficeFloor plug-in to provide web Executive
OpenAPI Provides OpenAPI (swagger)
Web resources OfficeFloor Web resources
Web Security OfficeFloor Web Security
Web Template OfficeFloor Web Template
Web on OfficeFloor Loads and runs WoOF
Web on OfficeFloor Testing Provides means to test WoOF applications