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Rendering Raw HTML Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates the rendering of raw HTML for a WoOF web application.

The example used in this tutorial is the following simple page:

RawHttpServer screen shot.

Tutorial Source


The HTML for the page is as follows:


This is similar HTML to previous tutorials.

TemplateLogic Class

The logic for the rendering the page is the following POJO (plain old java object).

public class TemplateLogic {

	 * Able to use <code>this</code> as bean for populating.
	 * @return {@link TemplateLogic} to provide properties.
	public TemplateLogic getTemplateData() {
		return this;

	 * Provides the raw HTML to render. It is not escaped due to the
	 * {@link NotEscaped} annotation.
	 * @return Raw HTML to render.
	public String getRawHtml() {
		return "<p style=\"color: blue\">" + "<img src=\"./images/OfficeFloorLogo.png\" />"
				+ " Web on OfficeFloor (WoOF)</p>";


To generate HTML for the page and not have it automatically escaped by WoOF, annotate the property method with @NotEscaped. This informs WoOF to not escape the property value and render it as is.

This is a very simple example. More complex use of this would be presentation beans that provide dynamic generation of HTML. Please however consider using the ${bean ... $} tag first before generating raw HTML, as the tag will provide the necessary functionality in the majority of cases.


The next tutorial looks at serving AJAX requests.