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JAX-RS Procedure Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates configuring a JAX-RS end point method as a procedure.

Adding a JAX-RS end point method as a procedure, allows re-use of existing code. Ideally, over time, the JAX-RS resources are simplified to methods taking advantage of OfficeFloor's IoCC. However, JAX-RS is supported as procedures to avoid significant rewrites of application code. This enables taking advantage of OfficeFloor's features with existing JAX-RS code.

Tutorial Source

Configuring JAX-RS

Please see the JAX-RS Tutorial regarding configuring JAX-RS resources into WoOF. The tutorial needs to be followed to also enable JAX-RS end point methods to be configured as procedures.

Configuring as a Procedure

Select the JAX-RS resource as a class when adding a procedure.

The tutorial configuration is as follows:

JaxRsWarHttpServer configuration.

Note that the WoOF configured paths can be different to the JAX-RS end point mappings. The only constraint on this is that the path parameters must match.


The following tests demonstrates the procedures.

	public static final MockWoofServerExtension server = new MockWoofServerExtension();

	public void get() {
		MockWoofResponse response = server.send(MockWoofServer.mockRequest("/officefloor"));
		response.assertResponse(200, "GET OfficeFloor Dependency");

	public void pathParam() {
		MockWoofResponse response = server.send(MockWoofServer.mockRequest("/officefloor/changed/parameter"));
		response.assertJson(200, new ResponseModel("parameter"));

	public void post() {
		MockWoofResponse response = server
				.send(MockWoofServer.mockJsonRequest(HttpMethod.PUT, "/officefloor/update", new RequestModel("INPUT")));
		response.assertJson(200, new ResponseModel("INPUT"));


The next tutorial covers migrating JAX-RS for simpler code.