Interface HttpSecurity<A,​AC extends,​C,​O extends java.lang.Enum<O>,​F extends java.lang.Enum<F>>

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      • ratify

        boolean ratify​(C credentials,
                       RatifyContext<AC> context)

        Ratifies whether enough information is available to undertake authentication.

        As authentication will likely require communication with external services (LDAP store, database, etc), this method allows checking whether enough information is available to undertake the authentication. The purpose is to avoid the ManagedFunction depending on dependencies of authentication subsequently causing execution by different Team. This is especially as the majority of HttpRequest servicing will use the HttpSession to cache details and not require the authentication dependencies causing the swap in Team.

        credentials - Credentials.
        context - RatifyContext.
        true should enough information be available to undertake authentication. false if not enough information is available for authentication.