Class AuthenticationRequiredException

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    public class AuthenticationRequiredException
    extends java.lang.RuntimeException

    Escalation indicating authentication is required.

    This may be thrown by any functionality as the WebArchitect is expected to catch this Escalation at the Office level and issue a challenge to the client.

    Daniel Sagenschneider
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    • Constructor Detail

      • AuthenticationRequiredException

        public AuthenticationRequiredException()
        Initiate for any HttpSecurity.
      • AuthenticationRequiredException

        public AuthenticationRequiredException​(java.lang.String requiredHttpSecurityName)
        Initiate for a specific HttpSecurity.
        requiredHttpSecurityName - Name of the specific HttpSecurity required. May be null to indicate any configured HttpSecurity.
    • Method Detail

      • getRequiredHttpSecurityName

        public java.lang.String getRequiredHttpSecurityName()
        Obtains the required HttpSecurity name.
        Required HttpSecurity name or null if any HttpSecurity.