Interface Change<T>

    • Method Detail

      • getTarget

        T getTarget()
        Obtains the target to which this Change applies.
        Target to which this Change applies.
      • getChangeDescription

        java.lang.String getChangeDescription()
        Obtains a description of the Change.
        Description of the Change.
      • canApply

        boolean canApply()

        Indicates if can apply this Change.

        Typically there will be Conflict instances providing detail on why the Change can not be applied.

        true if can apply this Change.
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      • apply

        void apply()
        Applies this Change.
      • revert

        void revert()

        Reverts this Change (after being applied).

        This enables do/undo functionality.

      • getConflicts

        Conflict[] getConflicts()

        Obtains the Conflict instances preventing this Change from being applied.

        A Change can only be applied if this returns an empty array.

        Any Conflict instances preventing applying this Change.