Interface ManagedObjectService<F extends java.lang.Enum<F>>

  • public interface ManagedObjectService<F extends java.lang.Enum<F>>
    Allows the ManagedObjectSource to service by invoking ProcessState.
    Daniel Sagenschneider
    • Method Detail

      • startServicing

        void startServicing​(ManagedObjectServiceContext<F> serviceContext)
                     throws java.lang.Exception

        Starts the servicing.

        Servicing should only use the invoking Thread of this method for service start up. After set up for servicing, should use the ThreadFactory instances provided by the ManagedObjectExecuteContext.

        Note that blocking in this method will slow OfficeFloor start up times.

        serviceContext - ManagedObjectServiceContext.
        java.lang.Exception - If fails to start servicing.
      • stopServicing

        void stopServicing()

        Stops servicing.

        This will be invoked in two circumstances:

        • OfficeFloor failed to start up, so clean up any servicing (note that start may have not been called)
        • OfficeFloor is being closed