Interface ManagedObjectDependencyType<D extends java.lang.Enum<D>>

    • Method Detail

      • getDependencyName

        java.lang.String getDependencyName()
        Obtains the name of the dependency.
        Name of the dependency.
      • getIndex

        int getIndex()

        Obtains the index identifying the dependency.

        Should this be a ManagedObjectFunctionDependency, then will return -1.

        Index identifying the dependency.
      • getDependencyType

        java.lang.Class<?> getDependencyType()
        Obtains the Class that the dependent object must extend/implement.
        Type of the dependency.
      • getTypeQualifier

        java.lang.String getTypeQualifier()

        Obtains the qualifier on the type.

        This is to enable qualifying the type of dependency required.

        Qualifier on the type. May be null if not qualifying the type.
      • getKey

        D getKey()
        Obtains the key identifying the dependency.
        Key identifying the dependency.