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OfficeFloor is named after the origin of the concepts that it is built upon.

Most frameworks invent patterns to solve technical problems. They then force them on modeling the real world.

OfficeFloor focuses on taking real world problems and modeling them technically. Rather than invent patterns, the OfficeFloor team looked up from their desk and watched how people in an office solve communication, scale and various other problems. For example, teams focus on functional areas and there is not one team that does everything.

These concepts have been published in the following paper:

ACM DL Author-ize serviceOfficeFloor: using office patterns to improve software design
Daniel Sagenschneider
EuroPLoP '13 Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Program, 2015

and has given rise to a more complete "inversion of control" (or more appropriately Inversion of Coupling Control):

        Inversion of Coupling Control = Dependency Injection + Continuation Injection + Thread Injection

A summary of the paper is available here.

To see how these concepts have made software development easier, please try out the tutorials.

Note that the above might also be found in its shortened version:

        IoC = DI + CI + TI