Interface WebTemplateWriter

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      • write

        void write​(ServerWriter writer,
                   boolean isDefaultCharset,
                   java.lang.Object bean,
                   ServerHttpConnection connection,
                   java.lang.String templatePath)
            throws HttpException
        Writes the template content to the ServerWriter.
        writer - ServerWriter to receive the template content.
        isDefaultCharset - Indicates if the default Charset for outputting the template is being used. While the Charset may be programmatically changed, it is expected in the majority of cases to be using the default Charset configured for the template. This flag allows static content to be cached in bytes (using default Charset) for improved performance.
        bean - Bean to potentially obtain data. May be null if template contents does not require a bean.
        connection - ServerHttpConnection.
        templatePath - Current path for the WebTemplate. As the path may be dynamic (contain path parameters), this is the path to be used by links in rending of the WebTemplate.
        HttpException - If fails to write content.