Interface RetrieveHttpSessionOperation

  • public interface RetrieveHttpSessionOperation
    Operation to obtain details of retrieving a HttpSession from the HttpSessionStore.
    Daniel Sagenschneider
    • Method Detail

      • getSessionId

        java.lang.String getSessionId()
        Obtains the session Id of the HttpSession to retrieve.
        Session Id of the HttpSession to retrieve.
      • sessionRetrieved

        void sessionRetrieved​(java.time.Instant creationTime,
                              java.time.Instant expireTime,
                              java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​> attributes)
        Flags that the HttpSession was successfully retrieved from the HttpSessionStore.
        creationTime - Time the HttpSession was created in the HttpSessionStore.
        expireTime - Time to expire the HttpSession should it be idle.
        attributes - Attributes for the retrieved HttpSession.
      • sessionNotAvailable

        void sessionNotAvailable()

        Flags that the HttpSession is not available in the HttpSessionStore.

        Typically this is due to the HttpSession timing out and being invalidated.

      • failedToRetreiveSession

        void failedToRetreiveSession​(java.lang.Throwable cause)
        Flags that failed to retrieve the HttpSession from the HttpSessionStore.
        cause - Cause of the failure.