Class PasswordFileCredentialStore

    • Constructor Detail

      • PasswordFileCredentialStore

        public PasswordFileCredentialStore​(PasswordFile file)
        file - PasswordFile.
    • Method Detail

      • loadPasswordFile

        public static PasswordFile loadPasswordFile​( rawFile)

        Loads the PasswordFile from the raw file.

        The password file must be of the form:

         # comment line

        where items in brackets, [x], should be replaced with appropriate information.

        The algorithm must be specified as first data line. Typically the [algorithm] value would be MD5.

        The may be many UserId entry lines with the user having many Role's defined separated by commas (,).

        The binary credentials must be Base64 encoded.

        rawFile - Raw file containing the password details.
        Populated PasswordFile from the raw file.
        Throws: - If failure reading the password File.
      • getAlgorithm

        public java.lang.String getAlgorithm()
        Description copied from interface: CredentialStore

        Obtains the algorithm used to encrypt credentials within this CredentialStore.

        Should the return be null, blank or CredentialStore.NO_ALGORITHM then the password is considered to be stored in plain text. This is however only useful for the BASIC authentication scheme due to the nature of the other authentication schemes (such as DIGEST).

        It is expected that the credentials for DIGEST will be stored as the algorithm applied to userId:realm:password (as per RFC 2617). This is necessary as the password is never supplied and therefore for DIGEST this MUST return an algorithm.

        Specified by:
        getAlgorithm in interface CredentialStore