Interface ManagedObjectStartupProcess

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      • setConcurrent

        void setConcurrent​(boolean isConcurrent)

        Flags for the ProcessState to be invoked concurrently.

        The start up ProcessState is executed with on same Thread building the OfficeFloor. This allows for the start up ProcessState instances to complete before the OfficeFloor is opened (unless using another Team).

        By flagging concurrent, it allows another Thread to concurrently invoke the start up ProcessState. This allows concurrent start up, albeit requiring concurrency handling due to using multiple Thread instances.

        Furthermore, as order of execution of the start up ProcessState instances is based on the OfficeFrame, it allows any dependency ordering to be resolved. This is because they both can be executed concurrently and co-ordinate themselves together.

        isConcurrent - Flags whether to undertake the start up ProcessState concurrently.