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Web Plug-in

This module provides both ManagedObjectSources and WorkSources for building web applications.

WorkSource Description
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.parameters.source.HttpParametersLoaderWorkSource Maps the HTTP property values (typically of a submitted form) onto a POJO (bean)
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.resource.source.HttpFileFactoryWorkSource Creates a net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.resource.HttpFile and passes to next Task
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.resource.source.HttpFileSenderWorkSource Writes content of files from the class path to HTTP response
net.officefloor.plugin.web.http.resource.file.HttpFileWriterWorkSource Writes a net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.resource.HttpFile as the HTTP response
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.route.HttpRouteWorkSource Provides ability to route HTTP request to a Task based on HTTP URL continuation Provides challenge HTTP response to the client to ensure have A challenge will not be sent if client is already authenticated.
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.template.HttpTemplateWorkSource Provides dynamic web page content. This allows breaking the rending of HTML into Tasks that have ${properties} replaced from bean properties (POJO get methods). This is similar to Velocity Template Engine except that the scripting tags are not required as the template is broken into Tasks which can have other Tasks weaved in between to control rendering.
ManagedObjectSource Interface of object Description
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.parameters.source.HttpParametersLoaderManagedObjectSource Bean as specified by configuration Maps the HTTP property values (typically of a submitted form) onto a POJO (bean) Provides security based on current HTTP request. It does not cause a challenge to the client. Provides authentication Provides access to LDAP store for security Provides credentials from a password file
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.session.attribute.HttpSessionAttributeManagedObjectSource net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.session.attributte.HttpSessionAttribute Provides means to manipulate a particular HTTP session object
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.session.attribute.HttpSessionAttributeRetrieverManagedObjectSource Object as per configuration Retrieves the HTTP session object
net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.session.HttpSessionManagedObjectSource net.officefloor.plugin.socket.server.http.session.HttpSession Provides HTTP session functionality