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Servlet Plug-in

This plug-in allows re-using your Servlet implementations within OfficeFloor.

The focus is to allow easier adoption of OfficeFloor for your existing web applications.

There are various levels of integrating your existing web applications with OfficeFloor:

  1. Utilising the OfficeFloorServletFilter to introduce OfficeFloor web features to your servlet application residing within an Application Server
  2. Utilising net.officefloor.plugin.servlet.webxml.WebXmlSectionSource to host your servlet application within OfficeFloor (no longer requiring a heavy weight Application Server)
  3. Utilising net.officefloor.plugin.servlet.container.source.HttpServletWorkSource to re-use your code within an OfficeFloor web application

The choice of integration allows you to slowly introduce OfficeFloor features to your existing applications.